A b o u t    u s

I have always been a true faithful lover of Rock music, in all of its trends. From music of the 60's with the Psychedelic and Flower generation of Woodstock, turning into underground, evolving to progressive Rock, Heavy Rock, NWOBHM, Classic Rock, Metal, Progressive Heavy Metal, and Alternative. Whatever rocks, I can roll with! Throughout these many years of countless great bands and albums, there was a personal need for me to keep track of my huge collection.

Things started out with simple notes inserted into CD's, and simple markings of good and "poor" tracks. Little by little, adding up here and there, these cards turned out to hold valuable information. The real breakthrough was with the introduction of the ART rating engine. At this point I realized that my individual needs have actually produced a powerful managing system, far beyond the initial rating card.
My hope is that you people out there, "my musical friends", find better avenues of discovering music with the assistance of my EARs.

As you can tell, the "About us" is no monstrous company, or neither an establishment. It is about common real people finding ways to better simple things in life, such as Music. And so said, there isn't really too much to say "about us".

"Us" is Nissim Elias, who really enjoyed the musical beat of Toronto in the 80"s, especially the night life and the great Rock scene in this beautiful city.
Favorite activities involve watching NFL, Soccer (watching and playing), movies, and of course a good daily dosage of solid Rock, day and night. Rock concerts are my "best" of all favorites.

Thank you for taking interest.

     Nissim Elias     
     Father of EARs